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NewGround Philanthropy

Inspiring profound societal change.

Gold Ribbon

Transformative impact.


Strategic Fundraising

Our experienced team specializes in designing and executing tailored fundraising strategies. Whether you're an established social profit or budding social entrepreneur, we aim to help you identify key funding sources, build strong and long-lasting donor relationships through improved donor experience, and secure the pivotal resources necessary to bring your vision to life. This includes building streamlined fundraising systems and processes, operations, and policy development, donor engagement plans, and detailed business and strategic planning.

Group therapy

Team Development and Coaching

Your team is the driving force behind your mission. We offer customized leadership coaching and team development programs to help your staff reach their full potential. From enhancing leadership skills to fostering a culture of collaboration, we work to ensure your team is equipped for success. Service offerings include team training, executive coaching, and CEO advising.

Board Meeting

Board Excellence and Engagement

Strong leadership at the board level is pivotal for driving philanthropic impact. Our board training programs and consulting services are designed to equip your board with the knowledge and skills needed to lead purposefully and instigate transformative change. With our guidance, your board members will become deeply engaged with your mission, leverage their networks for social good, and play a vital role in achieving your goals. Service offerings include engagement audit and planning, major gift training, and CEO advising on board management.

Casual Business Meeting

Donor Advising

Effective philanthropy requires informed decision-making. Our donor advising services provide you with expert guidance on charitable giving. We'll help you identify causes that resonate with your values and connect you with impactful organizations, ensuring your contributions create lasting and meaningful change.

Philanthropy is a catalyst for profound societal change, in domains as diverse as healthcare, education, human rights, poverty alleviation, and environmental conservation. Fundamentally, philanthropy revolves around the notion of investing in the common good. Yet, it transcends the mere act of monetary giving; it centers on the transformative impact that these resources can bring about.

NewGround Philanthropy is dedicated to equipping clients with the knowledge, tools, and strategies essential for leaving an enduring and positive mark through philanthropic pursuits. Whether our clients are donors, non-profit organizations, or entities championing social change, our mission is to empower them to effect meaningful, lasting change.

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