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Cultural Operating System

Culture is the foundational asset of your organization. Living your values means they are integrated into everything you do. The Cultural Operating System taps into emotionally intelligent People & Culture processes to ensure your team is engaged, supported, and productive.

Value Building Strategies

A strategic approach to building value in your organization that goes beyond operational improvements and growth. Understanding the key drivers of value empowers your team to systematically deliver on your brand promise, operate with less stress, and improve outcomes. We help bring your vision to reality.

People & Culture Consulting

As your trusted partner for talent management, we can support you in recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and retention. From there, emotional intelligence training to elevate your team's interpersonal skills and performance. As your company grows, be confident your leaders are leading, not getting mired in the weeds. Our support addresses immediate challenges and sets you up for long term success.

Leadership Coaching

In healthy organizations, everyone has the capacity to thrive by contributing skills, perspective, and energy toward the goal. CEO, Executive, and Team coaching help leaders clarify the future they intend to create, manage their energy more effectively, take aligned action, and be more accountable for results. Integrating personal and professional contexts allows you and your business to grow.

Succession Planning

Succession is a process, not a singular event. It is a both a journey to be proud of and a challenging transition to navigate. Succession can be complex and requires coordinated involvement from many advisors and stakeholders. We put your vision and values at the center of the process and bring together collaborative experts to support leadership transition, cultural integration, and value enhancement.

Strategic Philanthropy

We help integrate money and meaning to maximize impact. This includes working with social profit organizations on fundraising strategy, leadership development, and board engagement. We also work closely with business owners, families, and other donors to support aligned decision-making to grow their legacy. Working should-to-shoulder, we help maximize philanthropic investment to amplify social change.

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What our clients say.

Leslie Gascoigne - Trampoline.jpeg

Leslie Gascoigne, President, Trampoline Creative

"As a trusted advisor and coach/mentor, Nick understands how to build and support high performing teams. His approach is always empathetic, providing insightful context, with an eye to integrating leader and team strengths." 

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